Well Cleaning & Rehabilitation

We are the premier provider of the Air Shock Technology in central Ontario. Our goal is providing the best chance possible,in bringing your Water Well back to life and producing an adequate water supply to your home or business for years to come. When your thinking you have to drill a new well maybe not, we have a very successful track record of rehabilitating your old well saving thousands of dollars.

Air Shock Delivers:

- Percussive Energy to loosen and break apart hard mineralized deposits and penetrate biofouling.
- Surging Energy to fragment and mobilize soft deposits (such as   biomass accumulations) and scale.
- Well Purging to remove material that has been loosened by physical energy.

Pressure Pulse Technology delivers unparalleled energy and efficiency in well development.

- Settles the gravel pack around the screen for greater uniformity
- Washes the fines, drilling mud or natural clays from borehole
- Delivers well development chemicals out through the gravel pack to the surrounding formation
- Removes drilling mud, natural clay and fines that have been brought into solution

A well being cleaned 

This is a picture of a well being blown out with high pressure air.